the making of a cookier

A cookier is someone who takes the humble craft of baking to new heights of artistry by individually hand-decorating cookies. How did I become a cookier? Like many other “cookie artists,” I started decorating cookies for my family.

For my daughter’s first birthday, I made some plain white bunnies with swirly tails – simple, but so cute! Next, trains and giraffes for my son. From then on, every celebration was an opportunity to play around with different techniques and designs. I was hooked! 

After making a set of Air Force cookies for my sister’s promotion ceremony in 2018, I finally decided to take the next step and offer my cookies to the public. I started working as the cookie artist for the fabulous Chef Renee Kashuba at her catering business, MadeByRK, in Dobbs Ferry.

karen chow cookies

my home business

With my home business, I’m so excited to share with you some of my hand-decorated cookie creations. Each holiday, I’ll offer new, limited edition cookies designed and crafted by me.

In order to give these cookies the personal attention you deserve, my seasonal designs will only be offered for a limited duration and in limited quantities.

My business is registered in New York. Everything I make is made from my home kitchen, and I can only sell within NY state. 

At this time, I’m only offering these cookies for pickup in Tarrytown, NY on most weekends. I also offer free delivery to Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Irvington, NY. Please visit my FAQs for more information.

my cookie philosophy

a treat for all your senses

The cookier’s art is a multi-day, painstaking process. So why do I do it? Because cookie-decorating, for me, is not only a creative outlet, but a true labor of love. I take such care with each cookie because I know I’ll be rewarded by the expression of delight, first, when you see the cookie, and next, when you take a bite and discover that it tastes as good as it looks!

It’s important to me that my cookies not only appeal to you visually, but that they taste great too! After all, we eat with all of our senses. I’ve experimented with countless recipes to develop the ones here that I’m proud to present to you.

My vanilla sugar cookies have a soft, tender texture and rich, vanilla milkshake flavor. My chocolate sugar cookies have a depth of flavor that comes from using premium cocoa powder. And my gingerbread cookies are chewy, warmly spiced and pair perfectly with my vanilla royal icing. They truly are a treat for all your senses!